Genalta Power Inc. is an innovative power company that generates electricity from alternative energy sources within industry. We develop and operate a portfolio of distributed power plants that deliver reliable, efficient, and cost-effective power behind the fence and to the grid throughout North America. Our facilities are designed and operated to maximize efficiency and produce electricity at capacities anywhere from 2-100 MW.

Genalta builds, provides the capital, operates and maintains each asset we build.

At Genalta Power, we focus on developing highly efficient solutions that benefit both our clients and the environment. We partner with companies to do the following:

  • Generate revenue from underutilized energy source such as waste heat, waste gas, stranded gas, natural gas and pressure.
  • Avoid volatile energy prices.
  • Decrease power costs.
  • Enhance site efficiency.
  • Reduce environmental costs and impacts.
Genalta Power isn’t just a company that generates and sells power; we are an investment vehicle that sources strategic partners with untapped or wasted energy resources. Genalta Power then invests in building a site load solution, sharing our return, thus creating a zero cost and zero risk alternative energy solution.
— Paul B. Miller, President of Genalta Power