Welcome to Genalta Power

Genalta Power Inc. is a Canadian based, clean electricity generation company leading the way in waste energy to power applications.  As a client oriented solution provider we are able to capture waste energy from sources such as:

  • Waste Heat
  • Waste Liquid Pressure
  • Waste Gas Pressure
  • Waste Gas (solution, vented and surplus) 

All resulting in the creation of cost-effective and environmentally responsible electricity.

Genalta Power's flexible business model provides green power supplier relationships, joint venture partnerships, operating cost reductions, and revenue sharing opportunities from waste energy sources with the following benefits:

  • Long-term revenue streams and operational cost savings
  • The need for, or increase in, additional on-site generation
  • Cost effective generation options at remote, off-grid sites
  • Greenhouse Gas credits
  • Environmental / regulatory compliance
  • Utility tariff savings
  • Contributing to a cleaner, greener Canada

See Why Genalta Power for more information on what makes us unique.

Converting waste energy to power represents a proven option to reduce operating expenses, increase revenue potential, promote economic growth, enhance energy efficiency and ensure environmental quality. 

By leveraging our experience, technology and expertise in the clean energy sector, Genalta Power is providing a sustainable alternative to conventional electricity production.

For more information on Genalta's Waste Energy to Power Solutions, feel free to contact us at info@genaltapower.com.