Our solution for converting process heat into electricity for distribution into the grid or use behind the fence.

Waste thermal energy is one of the largest sources of inexpensive, and clean energy available. Technological innovations in the last decade have made Waste Heat to Power (WHP) generation economically feasible, even for low to mid-range temperature sources

The following are some applications of waste heat to power generation opportunities in the Oil & Gas industry utilizing the Genalta Energy Management (GEM) ™ System:

Gas Turbine Exhaust Heat Recovery

Gas turbine driven compressors are used to ensure that the natural gas flowing through major pipelines remains pressurized. Since they are widely used and typically operate at only 25% to 40% efficiency, they represent a large source of industrial waste heat.

Traditionally, the exhaust heat was recovered through a heat recovery steam generator which produced steam and in turn drove an electrical generator.  These systems are maintenance intensive and require a licensed operator to oversee the process.

The Genalta Energy Management (GEM)™ System uses new organic working fluids for efficient power generation, eliminating the traditional issues with steam-based systems. As a result, Genalta Power's waste heats to power generation units are exceptionally well suited for gas turbine applications.

Amine Facility Heat Recovery

A typical amine gas treatment process includes an absorber unit, a regenerator unit, and accessory equipment. In the absorber, the amine solution is cooled so the down-flowing amine solution absorbs H2S and CO2 from the up-flowing sour gas to produce a sweetened gas streamas a product and an amine solution rich in the absorbed acid gases.

The resultant "rich" amine stream is then routed into the regenerator and heated to allow the contaminates to be released (a stripper and reboiler) and then re-cooled through cooling towers to produce regenerated or "lean" amine,  that is later recycled for reuse in the absorber. The GEM™ System allows for the harnessing of the heat prior to the cooling process and the generation of emission-free electricity.

Process Hot Water Heat Recovery

Water is often an unwanted and costly by-product of producing oil and gas.  During surface processing it is separated from the hydrocarbons and then re-injected into the reservoir.  In some areas, the water temperature and flow rates are adequate to generate electrical power before it is re-injected. 

The heat available from the process water is captured prior to re-injection and through a Genalta Energy Management (GEM) ™ System is converted into mechanical power, which drives an electric generator.  Due to the lower temperatures associated with water cut heat recovery, Genalta Power’s Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) based GEM™ system is well suited for heat to power generation in this application. 

Reciprocating Engines

Reciprocating engines are one of the largest consumers of fuel gas in industrial applications.  Since they typically only operate at 30% - 40% efficiency, reciprocating engines represent a very large source of waste heat.  At Genalta Power, we are focused on large reciprocating engines that have 2,500 horsepower or greater, as they produce the best potential for heat recovery.

The main waste heat sources that Genalta Power utilizes are the cylinder cooling, turbo cooling, surface heat loss and exhaust. The waste heat to power generation system does not interfere with the reciprocating engine's performance and backpressure is taken into account in the engineering phase of a project.  The heat recovery equipment is installed in parallel with the radiator to ensure reliability.

The additional power generated can be used onsite or sold to the electrical grid depending on the owners' specific power requirements and the proximity to power lines. The lower temperatures associated with reciprocating engine heat recovery makes the Genalta Energy Management (GEM) ™ System particularly well suited.