Genalta power IS A Private Canadian INDEPENDENT Power Producer. We entertain both equity and project investors.

We are focused on long-term growth through an aggressive development, production and acquisition program in Canada. Genalta has plans to expand globally in the next few years.

Genalta's business strategy is to maximize shareholder value by increasing reserves, production and cash flows through the exploitation and development of a continually growing asset base.

Genalta seeks to execute this strategy by:

  • making capital investments in Power Production opportunities over 5MW with 20 year commitments;
  • diversify by partnering with new industries outside the oil and gas sector;
  • diversify by investing in new markets outside western Canada;
  • optimizing returns by focusing on operational and cost efficiencies; and
  • pursuing strategic acquisitions with significant potential synergies.

Genalta does consider equity investments in excess of $2M from institutional investors on individual projects. For more information, please contact Craig Parsons at 403.237.9740 or