Hiring Talented people and sourcing the best technology

Genalta Power's people are the key point of differentiation between us and other power producers. When a company seeks to set a new standard, it must source the most talented and driven people available. Our people are the core of what makes our business great and we focus on enhancing our leadership and growing our team.


Design tailored solutions to maximize return

Engineering is a function that is not black and white; it requires creativity within safe and secure boundaries. "The Genalta Power Way" is a methodology and language that permeates the culture of both our organization combined with that of our clients. This belief rests on a notion that precision combined with ingenuity is the formula for optimization. We utilize the latest technologies and continuously find new applications for generating electricity.


Taking calculated risks and setting new standards

"Impossible" is not a word in the fabric of Genalta Power's DNA. We believe in safely pushing limits to its boundaries to foster innovation. At Genalta Power we genuinely believe innovation drives progress within the power industry; through revenue growth, equipment modernization, people and a reduced carbon footprint.