About Genalta Power Inc.

Genalta Power Inc. is a Canadian based renewable energy company leading the way in waste energy to power applications.  We focus on creating cost-effective and environmentally responsible electricity as a distributed utility.  Our flexible business model, focused approach, exclusive supplier partnerships, patent pending technologies and experience & expertise in the renewable energy sector create a company dynamic that is unparalleled in the industry.  This allows us to provide tailored Waste Energy to Power (WEP) solutions with a low installed capital cost which drives the successful economics of projects.

The Genalta Power management team has an exceptional background that caters directly to the needs of the company.  Each team member has a blend of experience that bridges the industry sector of renewable energy, electricity production and technology and electricity markets.  The management team has a proven track record with specific experience in green/renewable energy, generation project development, electricity utilities and information technology.

Genalta Power continues to focus on being the leader in Waste Energy to Power applications in the resource sectors.  Our vision, commitment to client relationships and our dynamic business model will continue to provide our competitive edge in an emerging market.  See Why Genalta Power  for more information on what makes us unique.

For more information on Genalta's Waste Energy to Power Solutions, feel free to contact us at info@genaltapower.com.